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Our People

Chris Simmons

Creative Director


Since paper napkins have been in existence, great ideas have been sketched on them. Chris is one who doodles all his inspirations, thought starters and creative concepts. These days you’ll find most of his reflections in a handy journal or on any piece of paper he can find. Because that’s what you do when design is your first love. At some point you realize you can’t shake it, and you just roll with it.

With more than two decades of experience in designing live events, Chris has the imagination, design knowledge and artistic ability to bring your message, objectives and meeting components to life. Because Chris’ ideas are built on strategic insight, audiences don’t simply watch a cool event with a message attached to it, instead, all of their senses are touched so they experience a moment and are compelled to do something about it. Wow, those are some powerful doodles in that journal.

When he’s not creating memorable moments for our clients, he’s doing so with his family. He’s hanging out watching his kids take on the world with sports, music and art while convincing them that just because Dad geeks out on sci-fi movies and comic books he’s not a nerd. Nope...not nerdy whatsoever.