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Volkswagen Grand Opening Celebration

Rewarding hard work and loyalty

In the midst of the excitement surrounding the opening of their only American manufacturing facility, Volkswagen decided they wanted a special event to reward and recognize the employees and their families.

So with less than a week’s notice, LEO helped create, plan and execute a massive Grand Opening Celebration to serve as a party and thank you to the more than 6,000 in attendance. A midway and carnival atmosphere was created through games and tents lining a long circular drive around the plant. A large stage and 3,000 seats were placed in a parking lot, showcasing local bands throughout the day; the evening’s performance was by nationally-acclaimed rock act Switchfoot and punctuated by a 15 minute fireworks display.

Within days LEO contracted all local bands, production for the stage, portolets, heavy equipment, labor, waste management, games, shuttle buses and catering for over 5,000. 

The result was a well-attended, well-received extravaganza. As the client noted:

“Your passion for detail was shown continuously throughout the event, from the strategic placement of lively, colorful decorations to the very attentive staff in and around the tents.  Thank you for your sincere interest and dedication in making this event a success for Volkswagen!”