Leo Destinations

Standing ready while we're apart

In the events business, we’re accustomed to abrupt change. In crisis, we stay calm. We adjust. We revise. Sometimes, all we can do is wait. COVID-19 has interrupted life as we know it, and while we may be staying home, none of us are standing still.

Ours is a business of momentum coupled with flexibility and adaptability. It is in this time of extreme uncertainty that we feel most capable and our clearest sense of purpose. That’s why we have launched #TilWeMeetAgain— LEO’s call to our industry to stay active, to educate ourselves and, most importantly, to support our communities where we can. In this campaign, we’ll be sharing our ideas, experiences and lessons learned as we move through this together.

We're using this platform to share stories of humanity and goodwill in our hometowns, and the creative ways our industry is coming together to support one another and show our solidarity during this crisis. 

As members of the LEO Family, we want to hear from you too. We want to know how you’re doing, and how you’re choosing to navigate these complicated circumstances. Please join us in sharing the ways you’re caring for yourself and for others—and how you’re staying in touch while practicing physical distancing.

In these moments, the world takes notice of something we’ve always known, that people need to gather; that you can’t replace face-to-face. Eventually, our industry, like all of us, will get back to normal. Organizations will soon be eager to reconnect in-person—to regroup, plan, educate and celebrate. When they’re ready, we’ll be ready. #TilWeMeetAgain