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The South’s Grand Hotel offers a change of scenery, safe place to stay

The Peabody Hotel, voted the 2020 “Best Historic Hotel” by Southern Living, just won another vote from us with its two offers to provide respite during COVID-19.

For those working from home who may need a change of scenery (or even a quieter place to take those Zoom meetings), The Peabody is booking rooms at a day rate. From 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., you get a quiet, clean room with high-speed internet, TV, discounts on food & beverages, and no room service fee. If you are needing to stay close to downtown for work, the hotel is offering a discounted “downtowner” rate for overnight stays. And rest assured: The hotel’s signature mallard ducks remain swimming in the lobby and the hospitality can’t be beat. For more information, visit