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Social media’s breakout star of quarantine

Remember Beverley Leslie on Will & Grace? He’s a Chattanooga native and now, a breakout star on Instagram—everyone’s newest best friend. Find his same sense of funny and connect during self-isolation with his stories at thelesliejordan.

Leslie Jordan can’t help himself. Better known as Beverley Leslie, the sworn frenemy of Megan Mullally’s character, Karen Walker, on Will & Grace, Leslie laughs it up whatever the circumstances.  

Ever a consummate host and hilarious storyteller, even in sweatshirts and shorts, Leslie’s Instagram videos, including exercising with a back scratcher—#getupandgo #gotupandwent—are fan favorites. His page has so far racked up 2-plus million followers.  

Here in Chattanooga, we’ve always loved Leslie Jordan. He’s loving the city right back by reading a bedtime story online to kids (and big kids at heart) through Chattanooga Public Library. He’s also supported numerous area nonprofit events and causes.

Catch more of his raucous rantings while in Chattanooga on Instagram.