Leo Destinations

Safety first: Transportation Team still on the move

Our Transportation Team always is willing to go the extra mile and to serve our clients with a smile. But for the time being, that smile may be hidden behind a personal protective mask.

As the country continues to shelter in place, we are preparing for when things move to a new normal. That includes policies and procedures for the safety of both drivers and passengers. For example, drivers are issued kits that include gloves and masks for personal protection as well as cleaning and disinfecting products to wipe down and disinfect surfaces before and after guests are in vehicles. Additionally, our team is meeting frequently with our partners and industry peers. Together, we have develop a best practices protocal for the number of passengers per vehicle type. Maintaining appropriate social distancing for our passengers is a priority for our LEO Transportation team. 

Suggested seating:

  • Sedan — 1 passenger + driver
  • SUV —  2 passengers + driver
  • Executive Van —  4 passengers + driver
  • 25 PAX  —  6 – 7 passengers + driver
  • 38 PAX  —  10 – 11 passengers + driver
  • 56 PAX  — 14 passengers + driver

We’re pleased to continue our service for FedEx pilots and crew; guests can also continue to book individual transfers through our Limo Anywhere reservations system.