Leo Destinations

Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid Grand Opening

City of Memphis

When you’re expecting a few thousand people (make that 20,000) for a party, you better be sure they can arrive in style.

Going with the flow—or in LEO’s case establishing the flow—was our charge for this important, high-profile grand opening. More than a store, Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid was billed as a destination experience, a highly anticipated new attraction across the three-state area of West Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi. Through our vetted expertise in transportation and logistics, LEO was hired to create a comprehensive perimeter parking and traffic plan and manage its daily logistics for this five-day highly anticipated grand opening that was expected to draw tens of thousands of guests. Our goal: create a comfortable, stress-free experience for guests to Bass Pro (and keep them happily going with the flow), right from the very first touchpoint.

We partnered with the Memphis Police Department, Memphis Fire Department, Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) and Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) to create a seamless traffic and parking plan throughout all of downtown Memphis and into Arkansas during the five-day grand opening run. Among many partnership highlights, LEO worked with MATA to develop a new loop for MATA trolleys to include a drop-off point near the Pyramid, and all MATA drivers wore Bass Pro branded hats to celebrate and promote the grand opening. TDOT also developed a plan to conveniently redirect traffic closer to the grand opening and put a notice on all relevant electronic bulletin boards. Additionally, we created a detailed parking map that was distributed widely throughout the region through local media and through high-profile groups like the Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau and TDOT.